Church Parking Lot Maintenance & Tips

Proper asphalt parking lot maintenance is the key to keeping your pavement safe, accessible, and as trouble free as possible. No pavement has been constructed that does not require maintenance.  Unfortunately, too many organizations learn too late that regularly scheduled, proper maintenance could have delayed or prevented costly total parking lot replacement.

Now that we’re coming off winter it’s time to perform a parking lot inspection. I encourage you, or your maintenance personnel to walk all areas of your parking lot.  Signs of wear to look for include:

  • Fading color
  • Oil spots
  • Rough surface texture
  • Low spots that are collecting loose aggregate
  • Areas of intense and concentrated “alligator cracking”
  • Long runs of longitudinal and transverse cracks
  • High spots and rutting
  • Curb damage
There are three basic forms of maintenance to head off and address visible wear and damage:
  1. Sealcoating

    —Sealcoating will greatly slow the aging process and protect against oxidation and oil spills while making the asphalt visibly attractive.   Sealcoating should be repeated every 3 to 5 years, or more frequently if use is heavy and deterioration is apparent (is the white rock showing through?). Applied at the recommended schedule, it will definitely prolong the life of pavement at a fraction of replacement cost.

  2. Crack Sealing

    —Cracks are usually caused by a failure of the base, water damage, or excessive weight on the pavement surface. A hot-pour mix can easily fill and repair cracks by providing a water proof seal that will flex as the pavement expands and contracts in changing temperatures. Cracks that go unsealed will continue to allow water into the base structure and undermine its integrity. This will lead to increasing damage to the pavement.

  3. Patching

    —Significant pavement failure in targeted areas (large potholes, ruts, and large chunks of missing surface pavement), may be corrected by removing and replacing the damaged areas. These areas will be excavated to the rock base. The base can then be inspected and if necessary, reinforced by adding and compacting additional rock base. New asphalt is then laid to match the existing grade and the edges primed and sanded to create a waterproof seal.

Failure to regularly seal your parking lot and correct signs of wear will greatly accelerate the likelihood of widespread failure to the pavement and lead to early replacement. Regular inspection and timely response to your parking lot’s warning signs is the most cost effective investment to maintaining a safe, attractive and long lasting asphalt parking lot.

The team at Church Insurance Management recommends Holloran Contracting for your parking lot maintenance and repair needs. They have helped our church clients maintain and repair their parking lots, extending the life and maximizing their investment in parking space. To learn more about Holloran Contracting and the services they can provide to your church, call Rich Hughes at 314-581-8207 or email him at Visit Holloran Contracting here –

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