5 Energy Tips For Your Church

Congregations that understand their energy consumption are better equipped to improve upon its efficiency. Did you know energy consumption amounts to about 40 percent of the average building’s operating expense? Your facility is no exception. Improving energy efficiency can provide an estimated savings of as much as 25 percent. Other benefits include:

  • Money saved can be redirected to the basic faith-based mission;
  • Extend the lifespan of the worship facility and its equipment;
  • Conserve natural resources for future generations;
  • Improve the overall comfort and appearance of the worship space; and
  • Increase security and safety.

With rising energy demands and costs, improving energy efficiency seems like an obvious course of action. But where do you start? Here are 5 tips to help you start the path to energy savings.

  1. Dirty coils. Obstructed or dirty condenser coils in your refrigeration system can increase power consumption by 10 percent.
  2. Loose connections. Loose or corroded electrical connections can mean reduced operating efficiency and corresponding increased energy costs, not to mention an increased risk of breakdown, failure, or even fire.
  3. Soot in the boiler. Soot on a boiler’s fireside surfaces adversely affects the unit’s efficiency and results in higher fuel costs. Heavy deposits can increase fuel costs by five percent or more. A properly tuned burner will help minimize soot, improving overall efficiency.
  4. HVAC controls. Air conditioning system controls can reduce energy usage 10 to 30 percent. This reduction is achieved by limiting air conditioning operation during unoccupied hours.
  5. Old emergency lights. Older emergency exit signs using incandescent bulbs can cost about $30 each to operate per year. Using LEDs will cost you less than $4 annually to operate.These tools make it easy to assess your equipment, operate conditions on your own and decide what efficiency improvements are warranted.

For more information about energy savings and how to target specific areas for improvement, please visit our friends at Hartford Steam Boiler.  HSB also offers valuable energy calculators to help you identify where you can realize the greatest improvement in energy savings. Click hereto see the calculators. For additional help with your Boiler contact the staff of Church Insurance Management and we will direct you to some of the top resources in the industry.

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